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Mastercraft Tires for Sale in Amherst, NY


Update your Tires to Mastercraft Tires Today!

You love your car, and you’re always staying on top of vehicle maintenance. From oil changes, to car washes, to brake checks, you make sure you vehicle is in its best possible condition. However, sometimes you forget to check your tires. When it’s time to update your treads, visit Mike Barney Nissan! We are a major tire dealer in the Amherst and Buffalo, NY, market, and we provide tires for all types of vehicles, even light-duty trucks. You can purchase all major tire brands from us, but we offer an extra value and price advantage with our Mastercraft tires for sale in Amherst, NY. Stop by our service department today for more information.

Outfitting your vehicle with new tires is important, especially when it comes to safety and fuel economy. Worn-out tires can be extremely dangerous on wet roads because your grooves aren’t deep enough to pass water from beneath the tire tread. When this occurs, you hydroplane – meaning the tread skims the surface of water on the road, and your vehicle no longer responds to your steering wheel. Because the weather here in Amherst, NY, can be so unpredictable, and wintery conditions will be back before you know it, it’s vital your vehicle has the best quality tires to get you to your destination safely. Make sure your vehicle doesn’t fall victim to patches of ice on I-290 with updated tires from Mike Barney Nissan.

In addition to being an important factor in safety, your tires' condition also makes a difference when it comes to your fuel efficiency. If you have a set of worn-out tires, your gas mileage will suffer because your vehicle is working harder to put power beneath your wheels. To maximize your fuel efficiency, your tires need to properly mounted, balanced, and inflated to the proper pressure level. 


Here at Mike Barney Nissan, we make it easy for you to shop for tires using our online store. There, you can check out the Mastercraft tires for sale in Amherst, NY. We are one of the leading Mastercraft tire dealers in the area, and our selection of competitively priced tires make it easy to get new tires to fit your budget.

Mastercraft was founded in 1909 as a tire company that offers premium products to tire dealers all across North America. Their products are engineered and designed to offer excellent mileage, quality, and tire life. They take pride in producing quality Passenger Car, SUV/Crossover, Light Truck, Winter, and Commercial tires to be manufactured in the United States.

Don’t wait any longer to replace your tires. Visit Mike Barney Nissan today to take advantage of the Mastercraft tires for sale in Amherst, NY. Installing these new tires on your vehicle will not only ensure your safety when road conditions are less than ideal, but will also provide you with better fuel efficiency. Stop by our service department today at 3676 Sheridan Drive in Amherst, NY.